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"The artist gets a peculiar sensation from something he sees,

and is impelled to express it and, he doesn't know why..."

W. Somerset Maugham from the novel "Of Human Bondage"


I was born in Manhattan and now live in Brooklyn, NY.

My father gave me my first camera when I was eight years old. 

After graduating college with a degree in economics, rather than pursue an MBA, which would have prepared me to work at an unnamed corporation where I’d be doing "who knows what" to help the company and myself make money, I decided on a career I might actually enjoy and declared myself a professional photographer. Just like that!

As a self-taught free-lancer I went on to shoot a variety of subjects for institutional, corporate and private clients for over 30 years.

This web site does not include any photos I was paid to take. They were all self-assigned, made purely for the love of photography and creativity, an impulse that has been with me from the beginning.

​The earliest photo is from 1976. The most recent from April 2021.

I present them here for your viewing pleasure.



My work has been

exhibited in galleries around the U.S.A.



The photographs

can be purchased for display in homes, businesses and institutions.


Their stock photography publishing rights can be acquired.

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